Hot Cheetah cums hard during anal
Jan 2017 17

– 32 years old
– Is currently a Veterinary Technician from Texas
– Adventurous spirit, loves to travel, surf, and now trying porn
– She is single, no kids. Which qualifies her as a Cheetah
– Very athletic fit woman, she usually runs up to 8 miles a day
– Does have a very high sex drive likes it kinky and a little rough
– Loves big dick, has a fantasy of getting tag teamed by two big ones
– She’s got a nice tan, smooth skin, and long hair she likes being pulled
– Has one of the sexiest all natural bodies I have ever worked with
– She is a freak in the sheets and knows how to work her hips riding cock
– Loves getting fucked in her nice perky round tan ass, cums hard for anal
– A pleasure to work with, she sure enjoyed herself, she came at least 5 times

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Closet freak MILF does very first porn
Jan 2017 12

– 33 years old single mom of one
– Currently is a massage therapist
– Gives happy endings to select clients
– Is a little bit of a hippie, smokes a lot of green
– She has had zero sex for at least a month before this
– Is not big on the dating scene. Too much drama
– She just goes to swinger parties or clubs to get fucked
– Loves rough sex and a variety of fetishes
– Gets off to watching group sex and orgy porn
– Lives a double life no one knows she is a freak
– Just recently started getting into anal sex
– Has a nice apple bottom ass that loved to get pounded
– Loves sucking big cock and making it sloppy

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A MILF that is practically a virgin
Jan 2017 04

– 40 years of age
– She is a stay at home mom of one
– Is single and divorced after 12 year marriage
– Went 12 years with only basic missionary sex
– She is actually a writer and has completed two books
– Very shy, an introvert, she is not a sexual woman
– Has never seen or even tried to look at an adult video
– She has not had sex in about six months before this
– Zero masturbation or use of sex toys in her alone time
– She was kind of nervous and took a while to loosen up
– Her experience is probably less than most 18 year olds
– I took her virginity all over again, pussy was tight
– She did impress me with her dick sucking skills
– She is an attractive woman with nice big MILF tits

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