Petite MILF of 5 has perfect pussy
Feb 2016 10

This woman’s pussy has been busy. She’s a 41 year old mother of 5. After all that, you wouldn’t expect such a marvelous flower between her legs. Her pussy defied the laws of nature or maybe she found the vaginal fountain of youth. Nick gave her the ‘most beautiful pussy’ award out of any of the models he has worked with. She’s what we like to call a spinner MILF. We know the small ones are always fun. Nick tossed her around for a while and she enjoyed every minute of it. He was able to fully indulge in her perfect pussy leaving it full of his cum. She has 5 kids, of course she likes creampies. He also got to fuck her nice tight little asshole. At the end he got to cum a 2nd time on her face.


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Sheltered cougar on a sexual rampage
Feb 2016 03

After years spent in a boring marriage with infrequent plain boring missionary sex this 49 year old woman has broken free. Before she couldn’t even own a sex toy or have any kind of kinky fun whatsoever. Now she is fucking, sucking, stroking all kinds of dicks. She’s taking it all in, finally, as a cougar she is in her sexual prime. Why the fuck not make a porn she asked? Might as well come get some good dick on the record and share it with the world via MomPov. She is super flexible so Nick had her bent in all kinds of pretzel like positions. He worked her really good, you can tell that they both enjoyed their “work” together. Happy Jacking!


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School teacher MILF is a closet freak
Jan 2016 27

This week we have a dirty school teacher with an impressive sex drive. She’s 41 years old, with beautiful natural tits, and a nice bubble butt. She teaches high school. One could imagine her wearing a short skirt at the chalk board and half the class popping boners. What happens behind closed doors after class would be only speculation. I’m not saying she’s one of the teachers who gave her 18 year old student a hand job and got away with it. That is highly unlikely. But the fantasy of it is rather intriguing. Nick got to live the reality with this woman. He said he was wowed by how much of a closet freak she was. She did great at anal and even sucked his cock right after no problem. I would say this is a damn good video, check it out!


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SoCal MILF loves to surf and fuck
Jan 2016 19

If you live in the midwest or some other boring mostly conservative place in this country, you are no stranger to uptight women who have minimal sexuality if any. You probably think California MILFs are more fun, more sexual, more open minded…and you’re absolutely right! If you are relatively young, attractive, have adequate social skills, that’s all it takes. Its not hard. Leave your house, go to the grocery store, or a bar, apply a little effort, abracadabra, you’re getting laid by a MILF. If you have a big enough dick you’ll get repeat visits. Ok, if you don’t live in a prime MILF location, you don’t have any game or you’re just plain ugly, enjoy watching the videos instead. Nick got this 40 year old blonde surfer beach MILF to do anal for the first time in 10 years. Watch, enjoy!


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