Dark skinned Cuban begs for anal
Aug 2015 25

When there’s a language barrier things become interesting. We find this Cuban, she has what we’re looking for, big ass, big fake tits and a sexy face. She showed up to the shoot not even knowing it was porn. She thought it was a regular photo shoot. It wasn’t that we didn’t tell her. Its just that she doesn’t understand english good enough. After re-explaining everything to her, using google translate and some sexual sign language, she then realized what was going on. It doesn’t make sense to me because she had to get tested before the shoot, so you’d think she would of known, right? Anyway, she was cool with it. Not only was she cool with it, turns out she is a total freak. She had multiple orgasms and basically begged Nick for anal the whole shoot. Which he did give her. Here’s another episode from our world of real amateur MILF porn. Hope you enjoy!


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Tattooed sex doll in the flesh
Aug 2015 20

If I was going to order one of the realistic lifelike sex dolls, it would look something like this girl. She’s got a very fucking attractive look to her. We released her BTS a few weeks ago. Since then I have received quite a few very impatient emails asking “Where the fuck is *****’s video?!”. Well, the wait it over. Yes, she is a young MILF. 30 years old and never filmed an adult video before. She came to the right place. Nick handled his business nicely. I think you guys are going to like her. Enjoy!


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Hot spanish MILF with cat eyes
Aug 2015 12

Very hot 35 year old Latina doing her very first adult video. She’s a single MILF with beautiful face, big tits and a nice ass. Something about this woman, she has sex appeal. I am sure she turns a lot of heads when she’s out. She is a little submissive, likes when the man takes control. When Nick asked her if she likes anal sex she smiled real big and said “sure”. Turns out she is a bit of an anal freak. Nick gave it to her ass very good. Overall I think this is another great shoot for the MomPov members. Stay tuned, like always, more footage is on the way.


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Free spirited artist does first porn
Aug 2015 12

Here we have a beautiful and unique 44 year old woman. Can’t exactly call her a MILF knowing she doesn’t have kids and doesn’t want any. She’s one of the types that lives to the beat of her own drum. She’s a very sexually open person. Someone you could feel comfortable telling your deep dark fantasies to and she wouldn’t blink an eye. She’s all natural, no plastic tits, which fits her personality perfectly. Nick gave her many orgasms. She enjoyed the shoot very much, its not hard to tell. She was open for anal so he made sure to fuck her ass really good. Overall a very good shoot, enjoy.


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