44 year old house cleaner needs cash
Aug 2011 08

Believe it or not, this hot milf was my house cleaner.  I asked her if she wanted to do a shoot with me, after some convincing, she finally did it.

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  1. Rodger says:

    I was so impressed with your masseuse I almost typed her name! I liked the Jan. 2nd bonus but still went back to view an oldie but goodie. Love her long hair & the way she filled out her silvery bikini b4 her shower. I don’t usually care for ‘water’ scenes but loved this one.

  2. bill bates says:

    You have a great site and you are one lucky dude to be having sex with these HOT older women. Being in my 50’s I really appreciate the older women porn, BUT you have got to do 2 things far far more often: 1. Anal Creampies, 2. Oral creampies(screw the facials)The scenes you did with ****** were unbelievable; Best yet…More anal creampies like that and start doing oralcreampies and your will be the BEST site out there…even better than Tushy