48 year old cowgirl cougar
Mar 2012 13

For a first timer, this milf put on a very good performance. She’s a local horse ranch worker. I suggested that she wear a Western style hat and boots to the shoot. I figured it would look good while I was fucking her in the cowgirl position. This woman really enjoyed making her first porn. She did anal. She engaged the camera and had a lot of enthusiasm which I have to admit, was a fucking turn on. I came on her face twice for this video and they were both huge loads. I’d like to bring her back for another shoot, maybe next time do her in the barn at her horse ranch.

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  1. Dave says:

    So hot. Next time do a titty fuck cumshot with her. Find more cowgirl cougars like her, especially with fake tits!

  2. Dave says:

    Fucking awesome.

  3. Dan says:

    Hey you think you can hook me up with a Milf in Houston!!

  4. FKG1486 says:

    Loved her. Bring her back post haste and more anal with her. Oh yea perfect facials. Keep it up

  5. quattrog says:

    This one is just beautiful. And two facials. Oh my. Wonderful stuff. You have to have her back. And I love when you get the ladies talking about facials. Hot stuff.

    • quattrog says:

      One more thing, tell her not to wipe off the facial so soon. Let us enjoy her facial for a while.

  6. green lantern says:

    Love multiple cum shots scenes but one of them should have been creampie

  7. Allen says:

    Hot!!!!! Another one of your finds that proves beyond any doubt that they’re out there! REAL milfs. I suppose this one’s done her thing with you and moved on, but if you could ever get her back, oh Gawd………..