38 year old soccer mom loves to suck
Jan 2014 30

This is a 38 year old mom, who takes her kids to soccer. It makes sense to call her a “soccer mom”. She even drives a mini van. Being a stay at home, single mother hasn’t allowed her the time to go out and find the cock she craves. So she contacted us to make her very first adult video. In her interview she mentions how much she loves to give oral. She said she could suck cock all day every day. She definitely proved to have some very good BJ skills during the shoot. She has nice perky, natural tits, just big enough to wrap around a cock and a plump ghetto booty. Nick took care of this lady nicely, he fucked her in the ass and gave her a protein snack at the end.


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  1. ruler69 says:

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  2. joe says:

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  4. FK says:

    Beautiful natural Milf. Amazing big booty that looks just amazing being slammed on and bouncing on that cock. Her tits are perfect for a handful squeeze. Love it when the blowjobs are slow and sensual like how this milf does it. They take their time to fully enjoy and I just love that.

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  11. Allen says:

    You know….I’m really starting to hate you guys! Jesus! Don’t stop now! This is what it’s all about!

  12. Luis says:

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