Tall European all natural babe
Apr 2017 15

– 38 years old with no kids
– Is from the Czech Republic
– Married to an American, been here 5 years
– She wants to get a divorce but he doesn’t want that
– This is her first porn but she’s done webcam her whole life
– Is a very horny woman, hooks up with random guys often
– She does watch a lot of porn and has a thing for blond women
– Gets super turned by gang bangs or multiple people fucking
– She is actually the tallest model I have worked with
– Has a beautiful statuesque all natural body
– Also have to mention her pussy was super tight
– All around great woman to work with
– Her ass looked amazing getting pounded in doggy

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  1. Tommy says:

    If she loves gangbangs would love to see her in that

  2. Billy Bob says:

    “Check” Republic lmao