Jun 2017 08

This is a pornstar who lied to us about being amateur.

Click here to watch the full 80:21 minute video!


  1. trump says:

    41 years old? Damn, looks like she is 20

  2. won says:

    DAAAAAAYUMMM!!!… No way she is 41, what a gorgeous milky bod! I’m surprised she has no kids – this beauty could easily milk the cum out of any man. Her husband is one lucky dude!

  3. Mompov fan says:

    Lucky Nick to enjoy that milf . Why dont u bring a female bodybuilder something freaky it will be awsome

  4. taxhelp101 says:

    Saw a short preview of this scene and all I can say is KUDOs for you guys letting her keep her heels on while giving a blowjob. Some guys REALLY get off on a girl giving them head with heels on, it’s a visual thing. Even giving a BJ with a pair of sexy heels off but kind of close to the girl within sight of the camera is great. No flaws on her from what I’ve seen. True MILF!

  5. Rick says:

    that is **************, still a great video…MOMPOV still #1

    • James MOMPOV says:

      Ok guys, we get it!! She fucking lied to us, we don’t know every single pornstar. There’s too many to know them all. We’ve shot pro models in the past but always try to be upfront and honest. I’m changing the description to reflect the truth!! Thanks!!

      • TPAK says:

        Things like that happends.
        Thank you for what you do for us.

        Even tho they are pornstars, i love the way you film the sceene more then normal porn. So i dont mind.

      • Jeb says:

        She’s still hot af and it’s still a great video!

      • Ryan says:

        I don’t think it’s a big deal at all — the angles you guys get and the quality of the shots is what makes this such a good site. They still are mature women getting fucked POV, that’s all that matters! I still think amateurs are better, but having a pro is pretty cool too every once in a while 🙂

      • so what???? shes hot james! btw bring ****** back already. most of these woman are pornstars anyway.

  6. roida22 says:

    5th model before her L*** is a pornstar as well. Ive noticed another model in other videos as well lol. Either way, keep up the good work!

    • James MOMPOV says:

      Oh, I know its happened before. We are going to prevent that as best we can. We knowingly shot a couple different pornstar MILFs during AVN, who we haven’t released yet. Maybe we will update 1 pro a month and the rest amateurs…might keep it interesting. Its not the fact she is a pro that bothers me its the fact she lied, created a fake age, fake story… that fake shit is toxic to this site.

      • Jason says:

        Its okay, happens. I just wish you do the doggystyle scenes like you did before. Can you always use the tripod from the front while she’s bent over the bed like you did on the ****** video? Still feel bad for the ****** one not having one -_-

      • Ryan says:

        One pro a month could be a very cool idea, as long as it still had the same format and they were treated the same in the beginning interview and everything. Part of what makes mompov so fun and intimate is the good dialogue in the beginning, it makes them more real.

        The production quality you guys have is unmatched — the only one i have come across that does POV right, so whoever you brought in could easily be integrated in.

  7. Who cares if she’s a pro. It didn’t stop me from jerking off to her multiple times and I’m sure it didn’t stop most from doing the same. How about bringing her back and dropping some loads in her since she misrepresented herself to you guys.
    Sites AWESOME and she was fucking smoking hot.

  8. hsc says:

    Well I didn’t know either XD. she’s hot though..

  9. Rick says:

    That’s the thing. I don’t give a rats hairy nutsack if they are actually amateurs or not. The site is called MOMPOV and you shot women who don’t have kids all the time and that’s cool. As long as they are MILFy(which I guess comes down to age really) that’s all that matters.

    I don’t think people really come here expecting every woman to be a true first timer, or even have kids. So long as they are mature and hot then we all good.

  10. Jerry says:

    What are you guys apologizing for? I don’t feel cheated. But if she lied to you to get paid I’d say that’s some pretty shady stuff.

  11. Tim says:

    Can we bring back annabelle brady (her stage name). She does do some pro work but she was incredible in her scene.

  12. trump says:

    keep it amateur only! if u want to release pro videos, make it bonus please!

  13. Tony says:

    How did she lie about her age? You asked for ID right. Did she lie on her 2257? Don’t bullshit us. Just make good porn.

  14. claydv1 says:

    The most disappointing thing is that she did not get fucked in the ass! Other than that I don’t mind seeing pornstars here.

  15. yosh says:

    I would have to slightly disagree with other posters – for me part of the appeal of this site is that we are watching genuine amateur real-life hot mommas!

    That being said, she is incredibly hot and shot a good video. I think that MomPOV should be open to cameo shoots with pros every now and then, though I do agree with you James, they need to be up front about their status! No worries bro, still a fan here and I enjoyed the vid.

  16. Tomas Levy says:

    Gorgeous, sexy, cute… borderline perfect body and face. But her fake moans of pleasure were too much. I like it when they’re being real. I also like it when your dick is plumbing their rectums…

  17. viennakk says:

    Pornstar or Amateuer, it doesnt matter, i love this site !! Go ahead James !!

  18. Mike says:

    Bring her back for something extreme as a redemption. Like 5 way bukkake

  19. santi says:

    bring her back, please, her body is out of this world, forgive her, you could punish her with some cum swallow