43 year old with HUGE new tits
Feb 2012 27

Recently divorced 43 year old mom pulls up to the interview in a new silver BMW, she tells me to hop in the car with her. I could instantly tell she has kids. There was random toys, happy meal bags and loose m&m’s floating around on the floor of the car. We pull into a parking spot to go over the details about the shoot. She tells me her life story, how she left her rich husband, used the alimony for a new car and $10K boob job. I explained to her that we would be having sex on camera and that its for an adult website. While in the car she even pulled out her tits for me to inspect the goods. Surprisingly, she is brand new to the scene, never been in any type of porn gig before this. She wasn’t an easy sell. I actually had to meet her a second time which was even more bizarre. She had me come to her home. She told her kids to wait inside while she took me to her apartment complex’s pool patio to talk more. We finally set up a time to do the shoot. Her tits are huge, no surprises there.  What did surprise me is that she has a hairy pussy.

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