50 year old with huge natural DDD tits
Oct 2012 17

I have a weakness for big natural tits. This 50 year old milf has some amazing large natural triple D’s with tan lines. I couldn’t turn her down. She has never done a porn before, which is pretty obvious when you watch the video. She is a little camera shy, to say the least. That didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying those massive boobs. Did a lot of titty fucking, of course, and she sucked my cock pretty damn good. I made sure to fuck her so right that she even allowed me to enter her asshole for the first time ever!! She said has had past husbands that begged to fuck her ass and she never let them. Somehow, I made it happen. She got a facial with her mouth wide open. The first huge cum blast went right in her mouth and she gulped it down. Overall, not too bad, what do you guys think?


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  1. Jonno says:

    She’s awesome. No need to be shy

  2. Boo says:

    I really like this mom next door type … hope she comes back for more. maybe a DP and a BTS

  3. jacko says:

    hey man im a big fan but i would love to see a black milf, ill hope u fix one

  4. Matt says:

    Hey man, First of all, all of your videos and all of your “milfs” are really good. Second, all milfs here are so hot and more hotter in term of good looking and willing to try new things for the very first time. Thanks man

  5. rick says:

    can i be in a video with her?

  6. Cameron says:

    this milf is hot hot hot! love the natural way she looks nice eyes hot body wanna see more! no need to shy away u got my attention

  7. private says:

    just logged on and wow I want to see the video but too bad u don’t have small clips like previews. this mom is whats up! how bout her and a black milf? She has a hot ass too. Love that it is all real and amateur…cant wait to see the full video. Tell her congrats, i’m signing up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    shes fucking amazing bring her back

  9. rondafan says:

    What a sexy woman! Huge and lovely tits! Great ass! Pretty face! Cute smile! An awesome mix of a little shy and a little dirty! SEXY, SEXY, SEXY!!! I love her!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The fuck is her name?

  11. T says:

    Outstanding! She is Soooo fucking hot!!

  12. shooter says:

    Great scene. It was fun to see how nervous and shy she was. She did a great job and looked good. Great job on getting her to try anal, that was a pleasant surprise. She was timid at first but you got that ass. True firs timer had a little trouble but did ok. It was great to hear she didn’t even let her ex’s fuck her in the ass. Congrats and take a bow, they must be hitting themselves lol. The facial was great too. Don’t think she was expecting that big of a load. That first HUGE spurt of jizz when right in her mouth startling her. Fun seeing her expression as she finally swallows it down with an audible gulp.

  13. piero says:

    i know this lady from my church

  14. Anon says:

    OMG! Hottest girl yet! Love how she worshiped the cock. Please bring her back…multiple times!

  15. Dave says:

    Hey dude please bring this sweet mama back for a good old cream pie scene!! Nice fat load oozing from her clam would be sweet!!!!

  16. peetee says:

    Super hot MiLF love that she does anal and swallows
    really hot scene!

  17. Dean says:

    Looks just like an ex gf of mine, *******. She was an elementary school teacher. Thirty four, big tits, great ass, short, same kind of face as this woman. Her ex husband was lame in bed. Missionary position, vanilla sex. I went to school with him, so I knew the guy. I was her second man ever. She was dirty and loved being used as a sex toy. Let me take her anal virginity. Loved choking and gagging on my cock. Loved getting fucked in her ass. Loved cum on her face. She was a bit of am exhibitionist, and a cock worshipping slut by the time our relationship ran its course. I miss that girl at times.

  18. mrpornstache says:

    more ****** pleaaaassssseeeeeee!
    I think I’m in love!

  19. Avi says:

    I really really really wish I met her a 50-something year old with a great rack could have been a legend at school but who knows I might meet someone slimier like her at a convention.

  20. Daniel says:


  21. dillonsparks says:

    i really enjoyed this video. she’s a cute sexy gilf and loved her big firm tits. and when she reluctantly took the cock up her ass, i thought i’d shoot my heavy load. she squealed and pleaded but you guys handled it well. i think she’ll ass fuck more in the future. good job

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