34 year old big tits hairstylist MILF
Mar 2013 27

What a hot MILF!! This is her very first porn. She is a wild one though. Definitely the type of woman you’d expect to be a hair stylist. She said she likes cutting younger guys hair. She rubs her boobs on the back of their head if she thinks they are cute. I’ve had my hair cut by a hot MILF before, but not this hot! Thanks to porn, I was able to seal the deal with this sexy salon worker. I can only image how many customers of hers fantasize about what I was able to do in real life. If only she was a local, I know who my new stylist would be. I think it goes without saying that she was a lot of fun, on and off camera. She gives a mean blowjob, wet and sloppy, including some very impressive deep throating. I made good use of those beautiful big boobs with some titty fucking. I pounded her pussy good, I think she liked it cause I made her squirt. At the end she took a really big facial, you gotta see it!!

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  1. FK says:

    “I… go a little crazy on top so just beware”

    Boy was she not kidding! This one was a very fun scene definitely. Great smile and a fun attitude with a rocking body. Loved all the squirming around that she does with the little screams. Found it very amusing that you where laughing every time James. Not everyday you come across someone like this that throws you off. Not what you were expecting but in a good way too. Would love to see her for round 2.

  2. Ecarus says:

    Yeah, would love to see her again, very fun to watch.

  3. Randy says:

    Wow! Love her enthusiasm! Please bring her back again! Maybe a creampie?

  4. zingbot says:

    bring her back and next time with anal

  5. Frank says:

    Top 5 milf on site hands down. Her and Brooke need to have a deep throat contest soon

  6. punx says:

    When I say this one is a freak, I mean that with all the good things you can mean when you call a girl a freak because she does it all and even takes you by surprise at times….

    Would that I could meet a MILF anywhere near this good….I’d probably end up in traction LOL

  7. Rodrigo says:

    i love y very much and i want to be your friend, i want to send to y a movie, can y send to me y email to send it to y. Kissing. Rodrigo.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Love her

  9. Anonymous says:

    So so jealous! Would love to have fucked her

  10. JB says:

    Is she coming back?

  11. Wiz says:

    I want to get a hair cut from her lol

  12. Said says:

    James there are men who worship ****** she is so beautiful, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful asses boobs face of all hair is beautiful

    You James fucks her really hard and spray her with heavy load of cum

  13. mister probz says:

    PLEASE bring her back she is my all time favorite

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