45 year old fucking sexy Asian MILF
Jul 2013 25

What a hot 45 year old Asian MILF. Another great find considering this is her very first adult video ever. I am already licking my chops at the idea of bringing her back for more videos. Her body is flawless with smooth skin, a nice tan with tan lines and all the right curves. We started out with 69. It felt so amazing that when she spun around and jumped on my cock, I seriously was about to fill her pussy up with my cum right then and there. I had to regain my composure. I then fucked her good in doggy and missionary until she screamed “I’m cumming!”. ¬†After that I pulled out and let her jerk my cock off all over her stomach. Her midsection was covered in cum. This is another 2 part video. My friend got to have his turn with her after me. She was all for it, she said she would happy to get 2 cocks in one day. Gotta love a super hot little Asian MILF that appreciates as much cock as she can get. I’ll most definitely be bringing her back for more!


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  1. Bill says:

    You absolutely need to do a creampie with this woman!

  2. FK says:

    For a 45 year old milf, her body is seriously rock hard. She’s done her body good and kept it in tip top shape and it looks amazing. Very cute smile, with a perfect body and super vocal during sex… Love it. Another milf that’s been added to my spank bank and among my top favorites here on Mompov. Bring her back for more. The hottest Asian milf on this site hands down!

  3. Pete says:

    Don’t you dare do another porn with her, without anal.

    She’d be perfect for it. What is her name, or actress name, so I can find more with her? (if there is any)

  4. Jerkoffer says:

    Her name is ***********!!! I would drill her asshole.

  5. AmbersFan says:

    Why u dont make any other movie with Amber. I really miss her tight asshole and full of ready to swollow cum mouth.

    Pls record another scene with her.

  6. carlos says:

    No more feet or footjob related videos? She would be perfect for this. PLEASE

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