35 year old hot blonde MILF’s porn debut
Aug 2013 14

This is one sexy blonde 35 year old MILF with an amazing all natural body. I am a little jealous I didn’t get to fuck her myself. My friend Nick found her so he got the honor. Actually she is a friend of one of the models a few weeks ago. While I was filming the first part of her friends video, Nick had her down at the hot tub and they were getting busy. It was only a matter of time before she decided to follow in her friends footsteps and do her very first porn video ever. She was very nervous, so she says in the interview. It was up to Nick to make her feel comfortable enough to have a hot sexy time on camera, and I think he succeeded. At the end he had the pleasure of unleashing his load inside of her sweet pussy for a nice creampie. He even made sure to film all the cum dripping out. We need to bring her and the friend back for a 4way. I think that would be a pretty hot video!!


Click here to watch the full 73:12 minute video!


  1. mr smith says:

    Omg she is hot hot hot!

  2. FK says:

    Amazing update and great job Nick with this very sexy milf. Like the last update I enjoyed the fingering but more would also be a plus. Just like the last update, both milfs mentioned that they love to get finger so in the future. If they mention that they like getting finger, please do lots of it. Love watching them get turned on by it. Beautiful face, great sets of natural tits as well as a really nice full ass. One thing I did noticed about this milf that most others here in the past didn’t do is that she announced when she was gonna cum. I love it when they do this, it’s not great just for us viewers but as well as for you guys because it’s a clear indication to keep on doing what ever you’re doing cause it’s gonna get them off. Another milf added to my top favorites, you guys are on a roll here :) Bring her back please.

  3. Ralph Kramden says:

    Great updates over the last month. Looks like I am going to have to give up bowling this month, but this is well worth it.

  4. feet says:

    Please bring new model milfs like her

  5. archie says:

    agree with FK. HUGE fan when the ladies let us say “I’m cumming” exactly when they are cumming! It is very hot to hear them breathlessly allow us to know when they are spasming with pleasure. thanks for this.

  6. JB says:

    Bring her back!

  7. JB says:

    Please bring her back!

  8. Hangman says:

    Yes…Please bring her back, with anal!!

  9. Small man says:

    Wow, has to be the hottest women I’ve ever seen! …

  10. SFX11 says:

    Footjob if she comes back plz

  11. Douglas says:

    Stunning, classy! Must bring back!!!!

  12. Timmy says:

    yes, bring her back! the BTS was very hot!!!

  13. John haver says:

    Hottest chick I’ve ever seen. Natural and curvy with slightly saggy tits. Superb nipples. Came outa the gate with a Creampie. Only way it could have been better was if she had a hairy pussy.

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