55 year old MILF sex worker’s first porn
Apr 2014 23

I’ve never been to a brothel before, but they are legal in certain parts of Nevada. I’ve always had a curiosity about what type of women work there and what the whole experience is like. This sexually charged busty MILF works at one of these establishments. She gave us a little window into what its like to fuck a pro. She has worked as a stripper in Las Vegas, but she has never been in a porn video. You wouldn’t guess this woman is 55 years old by her performance in the bedroom. She’s got a lot of energy and really enjoys what she’s doing. This is the main video she did with Nick. He fucked her really good and at the end she stroked his cock until he came in her mouth. People always contact me wanting to hook up with the models of MomPov, but this is one woman I would say you guys got a solid chance with…If you happen to go to the right brothel in Nevada!!


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41 year old HOT kinky mom’s first porn
Apr 2014 16

This 41 year old naturally busty, absolutely gorgeous MILF is one of the new favorites for MomPov. She needed to pay her rent. So she decided it was time to do her very first porn video. She seemed pretty nervous when she arrived, mostly because it was our first time meeting and she didn’t know what to expect. It didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary at first. I would soon find out that I was in for a wild ride. This woman is a freak in the sheets for sure! Right off the bat, she starts taking my cock all the way down her throat, no problem. Then she bends over the bed and begs for me to fuck her. She is very flexible, she did the splits on top of me while riding cowgirl. Oh did I make her pussy squirt…she was drenched the entire time. While being fucked doggy style she says the magic words, “Fuck my ass!”. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when a hot mature woman asks me to do her anal. She sticks out as one of the hotter, kinkier women on this site. She was a lot of fun, I think you guys are gonna like her!


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37 year old amateur with big round booty
Apr 2014 09

Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt! Its so big. Its like one of those rap guy’s girlfriends. You know the words…I like big butts and I can not lie. Nick couldn’t get that song out of his head after shooting this 37 year old first timer. Man, she does have a lot of junk in the trunk. Of course, a big ass wouldn’t be acceptable if it wasn’t firm, round and bubblicious like hers. She is a very sexually open woman, just how we like them. Surprisingly, she tells us that she is somewhat of a nerd. She’s a huge fan of comic books and her all-time-favorite character is Wolverine. Not only does she have all of his comics but she also admits to fantasizing about fucking him. This woman knows how to give a good blow job, she loves to fuck and is down for pretty much anything. At the end she gets a nice dripping creampie. There’s another clip coming from the next morning where she gets some anal lovin.


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55 year old blonde stripper cougar
Apr 2014 02

This 55 year old beautiful busty blonde MILF is a stripper in her hometown. She dates a guy 10 years younger than her and tells her kids she’s a waitress. It wasn’t until 55 years into her life that she decided to do her very first adult video. Nick made this video happen. He found the talent and had the honors producing the scene. Nick got to do things to this woman that many, many, many men have imagined doing while bumping and grinding with her in the lap dance room. Fantasies were made reality in this scene. I hope at least a few of the guys who went home after their lap dance and jacked off to their memory of this woman get to see this. Now they can finally have the pleasure of upgrading to something even better, this video!


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