49 year old hot natural body FBSM Cougar
Jun 2014 05

FBSM is a Full Body Sensual Masseuse for those who don’t know. This sexy 49 year old cougar is pro at handling cock. She decided to make use of her experience pleasing men, so she contacted us to do her very first adult video. This woman ranks high on my scale of sexiness because of her amazing all natural body. She hasn’t had kids so that would attribute to her perfect skin and figure. Such a nice body at age 49 is a rarity, almost like a delicacy. She had a good attitude, which is most important. Nick and I both had fun working with her. She enjoyed herself and wants to come back for a 3way. What do you guys think?


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41 year old sexually wild MILFs first porn
May 2014 29

This 41 year old MILF is also a GILF and she is one wild sex vixen. Surprisingly she has never been in a porn before. The stories this woman told in her interview were pretty fucking HOT! The stories were more than enough to get any guy boner-ready for the rest of the video, no nudity required. She used to be a school bus driver and not the innocent kind you’d imagine. One time she was driving the bus on the way back from a field trip and rubbed one out on the road. Another time on a field trip she had sex on the school bus. You’ll have to watch the video to get all the details. This is the type of woman who is sexually charged as much as, if not more than a man. She goes on dating sites to meet one night stands when she gets to an uncontrollable level of horniness. I’m sure we all agree that there needs to be more women like this out there in the world. I think you guys will like her performance. Nick gave her so many orgasms she said she lost count after 20. He had her screaming when he was fucking her in the ass. At the end, he gave her a MomPov Facial!


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42 year old fitness competitor tries porn
May 2014 21

I want to call this lady a MILF but she likes her body too much to have kids. She might not be a true MILF but she sure could play the part as one. Being 42 years old with a tight body, big tits and a nice round booty, she is a welcome addition to MomPov. She’s never been in an adult video before but says she is open minded sexually and has always wanted to be in one. She told a pretty hot story about a delivery guy dropping off a heavy bag to her house. He came on to her so she invited him into her bedroom for a impromptu fuck session. That sounds like the script from one of those shitty main stream porn videos filled with plenty of horrible acting. But its not, its a real life story every guy dreams of participating in. Who knows if you’re ever in her neighborhood on a delivery job of some sort, you might just get lucky. Nick brought his A-game for this MILF. He fucked her in the ass, gave her a cumshot to the mouth, which she swallowed, and finished with a creampie. Enjoy!


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#1 GILF on the planet returns for anal
May 2014 16

I can’t believe she’s a GILF. This woman is very sexy, not sexy in an innocent way, sexy in a naughty way. She really knows how to work the camera. The best part is that you wouldn’t think she is acting, she’s just being herself, enjoying the fuck! This time she allowed entrance into her ass. That’s right, the much anticipated anal video with this super hot MILF/GILF is now available to members!! She unveiled some very interesting news in her interview. The very next day after this shoot she is going to the plastic surgeon to get her boobs upsized to more than double!!! WTF right?? I can’t even fathom what thats going to look like. Her supreme hotness will only grow exponentially. She says she will only work with MomPov….so we’ll see more of her in the future with even bigger tits!


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