45 year old sexy little blonde mini-MILF
Sep 2013 11

There’s nothing wrong with being tiny, especially when you’re a cute female. This petite 45 year old woman is 4’11″ and maybe 100lbs, a true spinner. She has a nice body too, perky tits with an amazing ass. There’s nothing petite about her ass, its plump and round, just how I like it. She has a nice tan with tan lines. I’m assuming she got her tan at the beach, this MILF likes to surf. She can’t wait to come back to Cali so we can take her to Black’s Beach for some nude surfing. This is her very first adult video ever. She actually contacted MomPov.com and asked if she could come do a shoot. I can see why, this woman loves sex. After I interviewed her I let Nick have his way with her. He had her orgasming pretty much the entire shoot. This is now the longest video in MomPov’s members area, so that was a lot of intense orgasming for her. I watched the video and I have to admit, I am kind of jealous I didn’t choose to fuck this lady myself. She did anal and that made her climax even harder. At the end she was more than happy to take cum all over her face.


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47 year old beautiful busty Latina MILF
Sep 2013 04

This is one sexy mature woman. She was pretty unsure about doing her very first adult video. This shoot happened a few months after her initial interview. Considering her age she looks amazing, a beautiful face, big tits and a real nice ass. It was well worth the wait. She has a very sophisticated demeanor, like a college professor or some other type of professional woman. I can imagine she is the hottest woman in the room anywhere she goes and has her choice of which guy gets her attention. She definitely has a healthy sex drive and seems very open minded in the bedroom. Nick was filming for this shoot. He redeemed himself with a huge facial up to my own standards. She mentions at the end that she wants to come back for an anal shoot. I think I’m gonna have to personally take her up on that. Any thoughts guys?


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44 year old cougar in her sexual prime
Aug 2013 28

Cougars get sweeter with age, like a fine wine. This woman is no exception. She says by 30 her sex drive had really intensified, but by the time she was 40, she felt as horny as a 18 year old guy. A high sex drive can influence a sexy cougar to do crazy things she never imagined doing in her younger years. Here she is at 44 years old doing her very first adult video ever. In the world of cougar/MILF porn, this lady is a perfect specimen. Nick was in the drivers seat on this one. He did a good job fucking her brains out, but had somewhat of a slip up mid shoot. This shit isn’t easy. Holding back from cumming is almost impossible sometimes. Especially when you have a hot cougar climaxing all over your cock. This is reality porn, and you get to see what really happens. Overall its a good video, I find this woman very sexy. I think I might bring her back for bonus video so I can give her a proper facial.


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Hot little Asian MILF returns for anal
Aug 2013 21

Couldn’t wait to bring her back for some more fun. What a sexy, busty, petite Asian 45 year old amateur mom. This is only her 2nd porn video ever. She loves performing for the camera. When I asked her if she would want to come back for anal she didn’t even hesitate and said “yes!”. I was happy to hear that, so I booked it for ASAP. We had a great time, I made sure to fuck her pussy a lot more, then we prepared her for anal. I oiled her booty up really good and got 2 of my fingers in her asshole. After fingering her my cock slid into her ass very nicely, it felt like fucking heaven. She loved it, you can hear her say “I’m cumming!” at least a few times. Must of been an intense orgasm for her because she could barely get the words out. Had some requests for footjobs so I had her stroke my cock with her feet for a while before I drenched her face and hair with my cum.


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35 year old hot blonde MILF’s porn debut
Aug 2013 14

This is one sexy blonde 35 year old MILF with an amazing all natural body. I am a little jealous I didn’t get to fuck her myself. My friend Nick found her so he got the honor. Actually she is a friend of one of the models a few weeks ago. While I was filming the first part of her friends video, Nick had her down at the hot tub and they were getting busy. It was only a matter of time before she decided to follow in her friends footsteps and do her very first porn video ever. She was very nervous, so she says in the interview. It was up to Nick to make her feel comfortable enough to have a hot sexy time on camera, and I think he succeeded. At the end he had the pleasure of unleashing his load inside of her sweet pussy for a nice creampie. He even made sure to film all the cum dripping out. We need to bring her and the friend back for a 4way. I think that would be a pretty hot video!!


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41 year old ex NFL Cheerleader MILF
Aug 2013 06

It makes sense that this MILF used to be a Cheerleader considering her very cheerful and bubbly personality. She is a redhead with a voluptuous curvy body with big all natural tits. At the age of 41 she has never been in a porn before, she came to us to do her very first one. I wasn’t sure if she was really a NFL cheerleader so I looked her up and found that she actually cheered for 2 different teams. My producer Nick got to shoot this video all on his own and he did a good job pleasing this woman. I told him to make sure to get enough footage, which he did, this is now one of the longest video in the members area. If you like redheads and you like a MILF with all natural tits, this is a video you will like. At the end she took his cum in her mouth and swallowed it all down.


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