Latina freak MILF by popular demand
Dec 2015 23

Its been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned nympho freak Latina on MomPov. Latina lovers, this is for you! Merry Christmas Mother Fuckers! She’s 46 years old, big tits, loves anal, loves to fuck and suck cock. Look up at her her picture, its like she is just waiting to bounce up into doggy style and let Nick fuck her. The holiday time of year is stressful. Treat yourself to some alone time with a little lube and don’t forget to bring a towel. Watch this freak Latina MILF getting her brains fucked out and finished off with a nice facial. You deserve it!


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Exotic mature hungry for young cock
Dec 2015 16

Yes, you heard that right. This 56 year old MILF has a bush. This is for the guys who like truly natural MILFs. She’s been growing it out for over 2 years, but trimmed it up a little for this shoot. We will call this an exotic trip through the untamed wilderness for MomPov. She’s is mixed European with a sexy accent after all. Love her look, I could picture her as a librarian or college professor. Maybe a business woman I would see at a hotel bar relaxing after her conference conference, getting a drink, looking for a young guy for a one night stand. I’m curious to know what you guys think of this one. Leave your comments!


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Hot big tits mom returns for anal
Dec 2015 09

This MILF is definitely one of my personal favorites. She’s got that ‘made for sex’ look to her. She’s very open minded and easy going. We had to ask her if she wanted to come back for an anal shoot. Nick did his part and made sure her ass got nice and stretched out by his cock. She handled it like a pro. Enjoy!


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Innocent MILF next door tries porn
Dec 2015 03

This 37 year old MILF is the type you wouldn’t expect to be doing porn. I could picture her loading up a mini van to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, maybe Home Depot if there’s enough time. I could see her in a kitchen with an apron and oven mitts on, finishing up some cookies as I’m coming home from work. She’s got wifey written all over her. I just can’t picture her doing porn. But here she is, doing her very first one. Nick even talked her into doing anal for the first time in years. She’s married and didn’t tell the hubby she was going out to fuck a practically random stranger on video for money. No worries though, all healthy marriages have a few little white lies, right? Well, I’m sure she could easily remind you of a buddy’s wife or a teacher from middle school. Whoever she is for you, enjoy seeing the video of what you could only image before.


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64 year old Russian immigrant
Nov 2015 26

This lady is tied for the oldest woman on MomPov. She is 64 years old and very sexy for her age. She’s is Russian with a thick accent. She hasn’t had sex in about 2 years before this video was made. She may have thought her days fucking a nice hard young cock were long past. She needed a little money but she has never made a porn flick before. Somehow she found us and the rest is history. Nick did his business and made sure to get some nice “oh” faces out of her along the way. You guys like ’em old…thats why you’re here. Happy Thanks Giving. Enjoy!


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Free spirited freaky Canadian beauty
Nov 2015 18

As a world traveler, this woman has been many different, interesting places. On this occasion Nick took her somewhere she’s never been before. Fucking a guy on camera for money is all new to her. She is a freak though. She loves sex, even getting fucked in the ass. She’s a very beautiful woman, all natural, nice tits and a bubble butt. When a MILF applies with us, I always have to ask myself, “Would I want to jack off to a video of this woman getting fucked?”. This one is a hottie, so the answer for her was a definite YES. I think you guys will enjoy this freak!


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