37 year old is one busty freak
Sep 2014 19

We bring you another classic MomPov MILF. This woman is a new all-star. She has a sex drive as strong as a man’s, and an open minded, down-for-whatever mentality. Which makes for a great shoot. This is a very kinky woman who doesn’t have many limits. She has a really down-to-earth, easy going personality too. All the right curves were there, very large tits and a nice round booty to match. Lets just say we had a lot fun with her, and she’s definitely coming back for seconds. Nick had orgasming for stretches of time. He fucked her ass, put a dildo in her pussy and DP’d her. She loved every minute of it. I also made a little bonus with her which will be released in the near future. Enjoy, we sure did!


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29 year old petite Brazilian gets anal
Sep 2014 10

We received an email from this sexy little South American asking for some work because she needed the money. Only problem was that she was taking off to visit family in Brazil the very next day. That didn’t leave us with much time for preparation, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. She may only be 29 and she isn’t a mom, its not the typical model we would hire. She said she was willing to try anal for the first time in her very first adult video. After seeing her tight petite body naked, I figured, fuck it! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of older MILFs and GILFs coming up. For now, enjoy this Brazilian spinner getting fucked on camera to earn vacation money.


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39 year old busty Midwest cougar GILF
Sep 2014 05

People always ask me the same question, “Where do you find these MILF’s?” Well, its not an easy question to answer because not all of these 100% amateur first timers come from the same place. This has to be one of the more unique cases. This would mark the first time that a fan has successfully casted a MILF for us. Apparently he was walking down the street and asked this woman if she wanted to get into modeling. She seemed intrigued and asked for more info. He gave her my email and the rest is history. Big thanks to that guy! We’ll take all the hot Cougars we can get. Not only is she a MILF, she also recently became a GILF. She’s most definitely a cougar, she loves the younger guys!! This one is quite orgasmic and fun in the sack. She even let Nick fuck her in the ass. Enjoy!!


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42 year old busty natural MILF is all smiles
Aug 2014 28

This MILF is the true definition of the term “naturally beautiful”. She is all real, nothing fake or plastic about her. We have to start out by mentioning her perfect natural tits with big nipples that always stay hard. Her body is proportioned very well with all of the right curves. She has a beautiful face. She was smiling throughout the whole shoot, so you know she was enjoying herself. She even has long hair all the way down her back, no extensions. I think this is one of my new favorites. She gets a lot of bonus points for not having to cheat her way to being beautiful. She has a real laid back, almost hippy type personality. Felt like I could just hang out with her as a buddy…a fuck buddy. Nick had his way with her for the main shoot. He even talked her into doing some anal. Her and I had a little fun of our own for a bonus video. Enjoy!


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38 year old hard body MILFs first porn
Aug 2014 19

This is a sexy fit mother of 3 who loves to work out and keep her booty rock hard. She is brand new to porn doing her very first adult video with MomPov. Like many of the models we have worked with, she has also dabbled in other forms of exotic entertainment. Even though you could call her a porn amateur, she’s definitely not an amateur. Being an ex stripper she really knows how to please a man. She was great at sucking cock and her pussy was soaking wet from the beginning to the end of the shoot. Nick couldn’t stop talking about her ass, apparently its absolutely amazing. Hope you guys enjoy the MILF of the week.


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41 year old hot busty big booty black mom
Aug 2014 13

This is the exact type of MILF that MomPov craves. She’s a beautiful black mom with big natural tits and she’s a freak, need I say more? Ok…She has a big round badonkadonk booty that she can shake like no other. For real, no MILF has ever done a reverse cowgirl booty shake like this woman. In my opinion, she is creme de la creme, top shelf, grade-A, premium MILF material. As far as performance goes, she hit the ball out of the Tigers stadium, a home run. She’s no stranger to pleasing a cock, and even went the extra mile. She loved getting fucked on camera so much she vocalized her pleasure with screams of enjoyment. I think you’ll be doing the same while watching this video…don’t wake the neighbors. Stay tuned for more videos of this woman. Jack away!


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