46 year old sexual big tits country cougar
Dec 2014 16

You like ’em from the south? Ya’ll best be fixin’ to get another sexy southern mama! She’s got big ol’ titties, purty face and a nice round dairy air just like every country ma’ should. Did Nick ‘Get-r-done’? Oh yes he did! This is one of the top 3 longest videos in the MomPov catalog featuring both a cumshot facial and a creampie. This southern MILF showed Nick some true southern hospitality. She was great at sucking dick. This woman loves sex and it really shows. She even let Nick fuck her in the ass. I think you guys will enjoy watching this amateur MILF do her very first porn.


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47 year old busty granny with petite body
Dec 2014 09

Check out this big tits little tight body GILF. She says she loves sex, so why not do it on camera with MomPov? Wouldn’t be the first time we heard a model say they are doing it for their bucket list. That tight ass looked amazing all oiled up. In my opinion, there’s nothing more inviting than a slippery, shinny ass twerked up in the doggystyle position. I can alway tell when Nick is having a good time while shooting, he texts me a lot. Here’s what he texted: “She hasn’t had sex in 2 years, WTF!” – “Jesus, her body is so little, she’s 4’11 and only 98lbs” – “She brought a vibrator from the 1980’s” – “Dude, I think I am going to split her in half” – “My cock might be a little too big for her ass” – “Her eyes just rolled all the way back in her head”.


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50 year old country MILF has many talents
Dec 2014 02

Don’t be fooled by this woman’s sweet, soft spoken, shy, southern demeanor. She’s actually quite the sexual minx in the bedroom. She’s a country singer from the south who never thought about doing an adult video until recently. After our first impression, Nick and I thought she would be the innocent, inexperienced type who would need a lot of coaching through her video. Boy, were we wrong. Once the video got rolling, Nick said he was blown away. She took his dick all the way down her throat no problem. She was very orgasmic and even squealed with pleasure while she was climaxing. We are very happy to have this woman as the next addition to MomPov. She’s a beautiful busty Cougar with that sexy southern accent. Hope you guys enjoy!


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29 year old sexy petite bisexual woman
Nov 2014 26

This 29 year old hot piece of ass scheduled this shoot to come with¬†her bisexual 28 year old girlfriend. We had high hopes for an epic threesome, which has been long overdue for MomPov.¬†Unfortunately, the friend ended up not making her flight. That was a bummer considering the menage was supposed to be a special shoot for Nick’s birthday. Despite the flake fest, this model’s shoot was still a success. She is definitely a sexy woman, with a tight petite body, and a nice ass. She has a 40 some year old boyfriend who knew she was making her very first porn with us. My hats off to him for letting us borrow his girlfriend. We didn’t lose hope on the 3some though, we are making plans to shoot a good one very soon, stay tuned for that. Until then, I think you guys will enjoy this woman!!


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51 year old swinger MILF with a tight ass
Nov 2014 19

This pretty 51 year old woman was referred to us by the last swinger MILF we added to the site. She is a very active, fit woman. When she’s not out having her fill of fun at the swinger sex parties you will find her rock climbing or hiking. She is a highly sexual woman who practices Tantra to heighten her orgasmic climaxes. She also does pussy contracting exercises so she is able to flex her pussy around a cock. Nick took his time with this woman. He said her ass was as tight as a 20 year olds. He even got to fuck her anal. I’d say they both enjoyed fucking each other for this video. She came plenty of times and she made Nick cum twice.


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Nov 2014 13

This 35 year old mom is a Latina with tattoos on a tight fight body with all natural tits. She’s a fitness trainer so you know her body is tight and younger than her years. At this age though, she is opening up sexually and wanting to try new things. This is her very first porn video ever. She seemed a lot more excited than nervous, which is the way it should be. I think you guys will enjoy this woman. She came to have a good time and she even got her nice tight ass fucked. Stay tuned, Nick took her out to the desert before her shoot for a little nature hike. She wasn’t shy to flash, suck cock and even fuck in public. That footage is coming soon.


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