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Oct 2013 16

This 46 year old lady can suck a cock as good or better than any model I have worked with. It took every bit of effort I had to prevent myself from a premature cumshot while she worked my head, shaft and balls. Like a true blowjob pro, she used a combo action with her mouth and both hands at the same time, which was just…”Wow!”. While she is brand new to porn she isn’t a stranger to adult entertainment. Like many other MILFs I have worked with, she is an ex-stripper of many years. Along the way she must have made a lot of guys happy practicing her BJ skills. Maybe she got an extra tip in the VIP room if she sucked them off real quick? I don’t know for sure, but she should share her secrets with more women. The world would be a happier place. Both Nick and I had some time with this woman. This is just the first part where she is fucking me. I also must mention that her tits are really nice. I loved titty fucking this woman. Her tits are too perfect to be real, but felt 100% natural. Of course, at the end she got a MomPov Facial.


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50 year old naturally busty Czech woman
Oct 2013 09

I hope you guys like a MILF with big natural tits? a nice round juicy ass? and a sexy European accent? If not, you might want to check yourself for a pulse. Doing her very first porn ever, this lady seems pretty innocent at first glance, but she’s really a sexual wild woman. In the interview she admitted to answering craigslist ads, meeting a stranger at a motel, having a raunchy sex and then never talking to that person ever again. I didn’t know that shit really happened, some guy hit the jackpot when he posted his casual encounters ad. She likes younger guys, she has a much younger husband who allows her to have whatever fun she wants on the side. Her most recent encounter was a 25 year old personal trainer who she said “fucked me like crazy”. I had my work cut out for me, I made sure to give this woman more than she bargained for. I had her screaming at the top of her lungs. At the end I asked her if she has ever had a facial before and she said she hasn’t. So I had the honor of covering her face with cum for the very first time.


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44 year old busty cougar yoga instructor
Oct 2013 02

This 44 year old big tit Yogi is one sexy mature woman with nice big tits. She kind of reminds me of Bo Derek in the movie Tommy Boy. Its not an exact match but I see a resemblance. She came to MomPov do to her very first adult video. It was an honor to fuck her on camera for the first time. She’s a sensual women, I could tell she is very experienced in the bedroom. She knows how to use her body in many ways to please a man. She studies Tantra and says that sex is like an artistic expression. She fucked me like the camera wasn’t even there, enjoying my cock to the fullest. At the end I unloaded a lot of cum all over her face, which didn’t seem to be her idea of an artistic expression, but she took it regardless. In my opinion she is a perfect Cougar specimen. I had a great time fucking this woman, and wouldn’t mind doing it again.


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38 year old implied nude model tries porn
Sep 2013 26

This young looking 38 year old Asian has been making some extra money on the side doing implied nude modeling. I guess she likes being naked in front of the camera, the only thing that was missing before was a cock for her to play with. So here she is doing her very first video. You can tell this woman loves to fuck. She was enjoying every minute of it. She has a way she looks at the camera, kinda the slutty “fuck me” eyes, that gets me hard instantly watching the video. But a lot of the time throughout the video you can’t see her eyes because they are rolled back inside of her head with pleasure.┬áThere’s also some extra bonus footage coming where Nick takes here out in the woods for a little extra fun. Stay tuned for that.


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43 year old lonely housewife loves sex
Sep 2013 18

While her husband travels for work this 43 year old stay at home mom must get a craving for sex. In the interest of being able to watch for his own enjoyment, her husband suggested that she come film her very first porn with us. I have to thank him for allowing Nick and I to enjoy his wife. At first I wasn’t sure she even wanted to be there. She seemed very standoffish. It must of been the fact that the camera made her very nervous because as soon as a cock entered her pussy she was loving every minute of it. I had a little fun with her first before Nick. I fucked her for a little while and made her cum so hard I almost lost my load inside of her. I had to hurry up and get her down on her knees so she could take it in her mouth. I then tagged Nick in to finish the job. He fucked her good, this is another very orgasmic woman. At the end, she got another load in her mouth to swallow. I like the real, all natural MILFs like this one, she reminds me of my friend’s mom. What do you guys think?


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45 year old sexy little blonde mini-MILF
Sep 2013 11

There’s nothing wrong with being tiny, especially when you’re a cute female. This petite 45 year old woman is 4’11” and maybe 100lbs, a true spinner. She has a nice body too, perky tits with an amazing ass. There’s nothing petite about her ass, its plump and round, just how I like it. She has a nice tan with tan lines. I’m assuming she got her tan at the beach, this MILF likes to surf. She can’t wait to come back to Cali so we can take her to Black’s Beach for some nude surfing. This is her very first adult video ever. She actually contacted MomPov.com and asked if she could come do a shoot. I can see why, this woman loves sex. After I interviewed her I let Nick have his way with her. He had her orgasming pretty much the entire shoot. This is now the longest video in MomPov’s members area, so that was a lot of intense orgasming for her. I watched the video and I have to admit, I am kind of jealous I didn’t choose to fuck this lady myself. She did anal and that made her climax even harder. At the end she was more than happy to take cum all over her face.


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