43 year old MILF loves to suck cock
Jul 2013 15

I have to give this sexy 43 year old MILF a lot of props for her skills sucking cock. My friend found her and he seemed very confident that she was going to be a perfect candidate for MomPov. Of course, since he found her, I wanted to let him have fun with her too. This time we tried something a little different. Instead of tag teaming her, we each filmed our own separate POV video with her. Its a 2 part video and its extra long. I went first, she started to suck my cock, I was in awe at how good she was. I wanted to start fucking her but I couldn’t stop. She stroked and sucked me so good, I had to cum. She aimed my cock right into her mouth as I released, and she caught most of it. She gulped it right down, it was beautiful. After that, I left the room while my friend had his way with her. He gave her a really good pounding in all of the positions and he had her screaming pretty good. At the end she took his cum on her face.


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45 year old fit cougar MILF’s first porn
Jul 2013 09

Sexy 45 year old lady with the body of a teen fromĀ GirlsDoPorn. You can’t tell but she is a mom. Now that her kids are over 18, she says she is ready to try out the adult industry for the very first time. She is a true cougar. The last boyfriend was 15 years younger than her. She also told me she recently had a one night stand with a 22 year old guy she met out at a bar. She is a lot of fun in the bedroom. She genuinely wanted to do a good job pleasing me for the camera. The whole idea turned her on, her pussy was really wet before we even started fucking. At the end she took a huge cumshot on her face and in her mouth. All those who want to see her back for an anal video say “I”.


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42 year old Busty mom tries new things
Jul 2013 03

This is actually a 2 part update. The first part starts out good. I meet this 42 year old sexy blonde milf at the hotel and proceed with our shoot. Like normal, we do the interview. I learned that she hasn’t had sex for 9 months because her current boyfriend wants to wait until after marriage. She was definitely ready to get some cock. Unfortunately the one uncontrollable, unpredictable thing happened. We had to postpone. She mentioned in her interview that she has never had a 3way and would like to be with 2 guys. So when I met back up with her to finish her very first porn video ever. I figured, what the hell, lets make a fantasy come true. I invited my friend to come along for a tag team. She was excited by the fact she was getting to try out 2 cocks at the same time. She is very sexually openminded and down to try new things. At the end I came on her face, nice sized facial. Leaving the cum on her face, she laid back on the bed so my friend could give her a creampie.


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38 year old screaming hot Latina
Jun 2013 26

This sexy petite 38 year old Latina MILF is a perfect specimen for porn. She is one of those super sexual ladies who’s been cut out for porn her whole life but waited 38 years to get started. She has had plenty of practice prior, there’s no doubt about that. She looks about 10 years younger than her actual age, though. On her first application she even lied and said she is 29 years old. If it wasn’t for the sexy naked pictures she included I might have passed her up. Luckily, her extremely attractive all natural tight little tan body really turned me on, so I replied to her. To my surprise it turns out she is actually 38, a perfect match for MomPov. In other shoots I mentioned how a MILFs “o-face” shows she is really enjoying it. With this woman it was more than just a face, it was a sound of pure ecstasy. She screamed while I fucked her. I half expected that security was going to get called because of how loud she was. Well, she definitely enjoyed it, as did I. I think you guys will feel the same!! By the way, she loves women. I introduced her to Amber after her shoot and they seem to get along nicely. What do you guys think about a 3some with those 2 hotties together?


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38 year old ultra orgasmic blonde
Jun 2013 19

I had some fun with this cute petite blonde 38 year old. She said she wants to try out the adult industry so she came to me for her very first video. She hadn’t been laid in 3 months, so she was dying to have a cock inside of her. She masturbates all the time and loves to watch porn, but craved the real thing. I don’t know if I have ever experienced a woman climaxing this many times in one fuck session. I am pretty sure she came 6 times, maybe more. She’s got a nice tight ass too, I enjoyed taking her anal virginity. We couldn’t get my cock too far inside but she let me be the first one ever to try. At the end of this cumfest it was time for me to unload myself onto her face. She took most of it in her mouth and gulped it right down. Then she wiped up some of the cum off her face and swallowed that as well.


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49 year old MILF gets double dicked
Jun 2013 12

This is the part 2 video of this sexy 49 year old MILF. She seems so innocent I was surprised when I offered her to do part 2 with two guys, she accepted. I guess it makes sense since she mentioned in the first video that one of her fantasies is to be fucked by multiple nameless, faceless guys. I think she got more than she bargained for, we fucked her really good and hard for the entire shoot. If I was to guess I’d say she had about 5-6 orgasms, judging by the number of times we saw her “O” face. You can always tell you fucked a model good when they call you a few days later to get more work. I enjoyed fucking her, maybe I’ll bring her back for a bonus video, what do you guys think?


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