Thick MILF with Brazilian booty
Sep 2018 13

– 37 year old MILF
– She is from brazil
– Speaks Spanish and Portuguese
– Is divorced and actively dating
– Has been in the US for 10 years
– Is a legal immigrant
– Very sexual and decided to try porn
– Is Bi sexual, loves to lick pussy
– She preferes younger men
– The last guy she was with was 23
– She is no rookie to anal sex
– Loved getting her asshole fucked
– Her favorite position is riding cock
– This Brazilian ass was amazing to fuck
– I couldn’t help but fill her pussy with cum

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Thick ass MILF with hourglass figure
Sep 2018 05

– 40 years old single MILF
– Does hair and makeup for a living
– Is a small town, down to earn country girl
– Loves the outdoors and getting fucked in the woods
– She always fantasized about doing her first porn
– All natural 36 DDD tits perfect for titty fucking
– She loves getting fucked in doggy style
– Let me penetrate her asshole and she loved it
– Fucking her anal was so tight it felt glorious
– She has all the right curves in all the right places
– Super fun down to fuck busty MILF of every mans dreams
– This woman was amazing loved titty fucking her to cum

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Hot nerdy Greek bartender tries porn
Aug 2018 30

– 31 years old Greek MILF
– from Florida now living on the west coast
– Is a single mother of 1
– Works as a bartender
– Sometimes hooks up with her bar customers
– Loves to work out and do yoga when she is not partying
– She likes to watch porn with a guy to turn him on
– Has always been very sexual, more so as she gets older
– She prefers older men because they are more experienced
– This greek let me greek her ass in a few different positions
– Was a pleasure working with this tight body younger MILF
– She sucked and jerked my cock until I came on her face

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