49 year old good times Vegas MILF
Jan 2015 28

Imagine yourself on┬ávacation in Las Vegas, at a nightclub, and you run into this MILF on the dance floor. A few drinks, some bumping and grinding, before you know it, she’s ready to head up to your hotel room for some fun. She’s hungry for your cock, its like a dream come true. You get to fuck her all night and a couple times in the morning. You never know, this kind of thing does happen. Apparently, some lucky 22 year old had this experience with her recently. Next time it could be you! This single mother loves to party. She’s very into the swinger lifestyle. No hang ups about sex at all, she is open sexually, always up for a good time. She definitely enjoyed herself in her very first adult video. She had a smile on her face all the way until the end, even after it was covered in cum.


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45 year old beautiful kinky horny MILF
Jan 2015 22

This woman is HOT! I have been sitting here staring at my computer screen for a while now wondering what I should say to describe her. There’s really no sales pitch needed. Look at her photo. She is a spectacular MILF specimen, perfect for MomPov. Its hard to put into words though…Its one of those things you just need to see for yourself to understand. I highly recommend you stop reading, grab some lotion and get busy watching this video. You’ll be glad you did! Yes, she will be coming back for more. Enjoy.


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51 year old big natural tits German lady
Jan 2015 14

This week we are adding a mature 51 year old busty blonde German woman. She not only had huge tits, but they are 100% real natural beauties. This woman is very well traveled and articulate. She doesn’t actually have any kids so she’s technically not a MILF. Being in her 50’s, I think that still qualifies her. Nick brought his A-game for this lady. He took her to “pound town”. He had her making all kinds of animalistic noises as she reached her climaxes. I think he wore her out by the end of it, but she definitely wasn’t complaining. He left her with a big smile on her face.


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54 year old Mature is an absolute amateur
Jan 2015 06

Even though this 54 year old Cougar MILF is a late bloomer, she has the willingness to learn. The fact that she didn’t even lose her virginity until she was 28 is actually part of her charm. It wasn’t until later in life that she found out how much she enjoys sex. Even getting that far is still a long ways from doing porn. You can tell she has never done an adult video before. But that’s ok, she made a good effort. Nick said he enjoyed fucking her, that she has a tight pussy. “Probably because she hasn’t had much sex” He commented. Nick gave her the sexual experience of her lifetime. I am sure she will fantasize about the making of this video while she pleasures herself at home. There’s a few BTS videos also coming this week of Models you haven’t seen in quite some time. Stay tuned!


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