30 year old hot little southern piece of ass
Mar 2015 25

There’s something about a hot woman with a southern accent I just can’t get enough of. When we found this little hottie we couldn’t turn her down. She may not be a true MILF, but there’s definitely some factors that qualify her for a MomPov shoot. She’s an amateur, doing her very first adult video ever. She’s got an all natural body, nice tits and a nice ass. I am sure a sexy woman like this is no stranger to cock but having a camera in the room is a different story. She’s a little shy when it came down to her performance. Nick still managed to have some quite a bit of fun with her. At the end he covered her face with cum and lets just say that she was quite surprised. I have a bonus video with one of our recent webcam MILFs coming out this week as well. Stay tuned.


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31 year old ginger with big tits and ass
Mar 2015 17

Nice and thick 31 year old with all natural big breasts and a fat round ass. My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun. Yeah, I would say she’s got the buns!! This recently divorced ginger came to us to do her very first adult video. She caught her ex husband cheating on her. After the divorce, she still feels she needs to get some revenge. What better way than to fuck a complete stranger on video and put it online for the world to see. She let Nick have full access to all 3 of her holes and she made him cum twice. This is one long fuck session, they went at it for a full hour and a half. If you like a hot all natural thick red head, you’ll love this video. Enjoy!


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52 year old mom with all natural big boobs
Mar 2015 10

This single, divorced, sexually depraved mom decided it was time to make her very first adult video. She came to the right place and we are glad to have her. She has a voluptuous curvy body she loved to show off in front of the camera. Her big round booty bent over in doggy is a sight to be seen. We all know there’s nothing better than all natural big double D MILF tits. She put Nick to work and she enjoyed her self quite a bit having had multiple orgasms. Its been a while since she has done anal but she let Nick fuck her in the ass for the video. She reminds me of an innocent school teacher or librarian. Its definitely not hard to imagine her in a classroom teaching lessons. Its just an interesting concept to consider, in our day to day lives we come across plenty of women just like this. Women we would probably not expect to do porn. When it does happen, an every day, MILF next door type, just like this, makes her very first adult video at the age of 52. Its a thing of beauty.


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49 year old busty MILF loves anal
Mar 2015 04

This horny mom was very excited to do her first adult video with MomPov. She is a welcome addition to our collection of hot MILFs. The video is one of the longest videos we have shot so far. The main reason for that being, Nick had a good fucking time with this lady. He took his time with this one. She’s totally laid back and up for anything when it comes to sex. She loves sex, getting fucked in all 3 holes. In fact, at the end of this video she said her favorite part was getting fucked in the ass for the first time in 15 years. She is the perfect amount of slutty, no awkward moments, no hang ups, just raunchy, raw fucking. Something about this MILF, she reminds me of a waitress at a truck stop diner. I could picture her in a low cut uniform with her big tits hanging out (so she gets better tips). We have all seen that woman before, just imagine taking her over to the motel next door an having your way with her. This video shows what that would look like…


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