Big thanks to this woman’s husband
Jul 2017 06

– 36 years old happily married with 4 kids
– It was husbands idea for her to do first porn
– After 3 years of marriage they are comfortable swinging
– Very horny woman needs sex at least once a day
– Sweet and innocent southern woman demeanor
– She has a fantasy of being involved in a huge orgy
– Is into anal sex but has actually only done it a few times
– She took anal like a champ and fucking loved it
– Loves rough sex like spanking and having her hair pulled
– Picture perfect MILF with awesome body and a lot of fun
– She jerked me into her mouth for her to swallow
– She has never been tag teamed and would like to try it next
– Husband directed her over the phone for upcoming bonus vid

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Hot busty cougar exhibitionist
Jun 2017 29

– Is 58 years old
– Single mother of 3 making her first porn
– Has been divorced for 20 years after 25 year marriage
– Currently works in the medical field and has been for the last 20 years
– Has had a sexual encounter with a patient of hers in the exam room
– Is an adventurous women who loves exploring the outdoors
– Has a lot of phone sex, has phone 3way with a couple every week
– Is into Anal sex but has not had it in years before this shoot
– Not only was her ass super tight but she loved it being pounded anally
– Although she is 58 she has not been with more then 20 men in her life
– She is kind of a free spirit exhibitionist that loves to show off her body
– She can’t wait for people to see this video of her getting fucked
– All around a super hot cougar with nice big tits and a bubble butt
– She’s ready for an invitation back to have more fun on camera

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One fucking amazing fun MILF
Jun 2017 22

– 32 years old
– Is a single mother of one
– She was in the military and is currently a security officer
– Loves the outdoors, is a tom-boy
– She is very sexual person and likes it dirty
– Is a fan of MomPov and masturbates to the videos
– Decided it was time for her to make her own porn
– Sometimes she will wear her anal plug to work
– She really really loves anal sex
– Is a freak, been gang banged before by 12 guys
– Loves sucking cock and has zero gag reflex
– For sure a new MomPov favorite
– Wants to do a gangbang with MomPov members

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