Thick busty petite Latina MILF
Mar 2017 23

– 35 years old mother of 4
– Petite and busty, only 5 feet tall
– Is divorced, he couldn’t keep up with her sexually
– She is a feisty latin woman mixed Mexican and Spanish
– Adrenaline junky, loves skydiving and wants to do it naked
– Has no filter when talking about her sex life
– Is very sexual, basically masturbates all day
– Likes anal sex, has experience doing double penetration
– Fantasy: to be fucked by 3 guys using all of her holes
– Just wants to be pounded, all day, perfect chick for porn

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MILF with big natural Euro boobs
Mar 2017 14

– 38 years old from Hungary
– Has been in the US for about 10 Years now
– Is a single mother of one
– Prefers no relationship, just fucking
– Is an ex Stripper from Europe
– She does watch a lot of porn but usually girl/girl
– Does legit professional massage therapy for a living
– Of course offers happy endings in exchange for a tip
– Has even went as far as giving golden showers
– Loves public play and being naked with spectators
– Is into anal sex and enjoyed my cock in her ass
– She had some nice big natural boobs
– All around great body, nice round thick booty

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Super freak MILF loves to suck cock
Mar 2017 09

– 43 years of age
– Single mother of 2 from the midwest
– Is a vegetarian and does yoga
– She started out doing work in the medical field
– Does body rubs with happy endings for regulars
– Orally fixated sexual freak that loves giving blowjobs
– Usually pleases herself three to four times a day
– For being her age she had a very nice tight ass
– Very laid back woman and fun to work with
– Super orgasmic would shake with ecstasy each climax
– Broke her record for most orgasms she has ever had

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