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Website Review: Real rapport between real people distinguishes your site from so many other artificial scenarios. The cameraman is gifted with the social skills to engage the models in trusting and relaxed interactions. This enables them to lose their inhibitions and spontaneously let themselves go.

The naturalism, spontaneity and sophistication of the mature and consenting participants make the recordings seem like ‘lifelike’ GFEs (i.e., ‘girlfriend experiences’). As documentaries of mature human sexuality, the gallery has ‘redeeming social value’ as a popular updated version of Masters-&-Johnson’s research films.

To aid in categorizing the gallery, would the Webmaster consider tagging each clip with a designation code for the consummation (e.g., JOF, CP, HJ/BJCS, etc.)? As the gallery currently stands, there is a preponderance of JOFs (ubiquitous in the industry), with only a few CPs and apparently no HJ/BJ finishes by the women themselves. Please consider expanding and balancing the variety of climactic finishes.

Your interview format affords a rare opportunity to explore your partners’ attitudes about their mature sexualities. How do they feel about their bodies at this stage of their lives? Has their sense of their sexuality changed after childbearing, divorce, multiple partners (including same sex), swinging, HD videorecording for posterity, etc.? What does the imagery of their skin art (tattoos) say to their partners (and their viewers) about themselves?

While exhibitionism is undoubtedly a major element of your partners’ sexuality, I think that they could care less about male voyeurism. They’re less interested by the notion of thousands of male masturbators and more interested by the legacy of their own sexual self-expressions; captured at a special moment of readiness in their lives. What made them decide that now is the right time and that you are the right portal? To the extent that such self-expressions are no longer taboo, how would they explain these to their future boyfriends/husbands/children, if asked?

While men have long wondered how to discern willing women from their timid frigid sisters, explorations of the foregoing themes could also open your membership to a much larger audience of women subscribers, who are seeking answers to similar questions.

In further pursuit of women’s affirmative self-expressions of feminist sexuality, I’d recommend a shift away from JOFs toward foci on POV cunnilingus,HJ/BJ/CS, and CPs. You’re almost there…

Great job with the site. I have joined hundreds of sites and you probably have the best site out there. I have joined and canceled and came back three different times now….Perfect lighting, awesome camera angles, super clear, big boobs, natural big boobs.

I have seen so many milf sites that have good natural boobs to start with and then down the road it is all fake boobs. Some fake boobs are okay but you gotta have the naturals…so good work.

Also so many drown out all the wrinkles on older women with too much light. Your site does not and it makes the women so life like. Thank you!

Please don’t change a thing…

I have been a fan of porn ever since I began my intimacy. I remember in the mid-eighties when Homegrown Video, The Bogus Brother’s Totally Tasteless Video (among one of my personal favorites), and Ed Powers first stepped out of the traditional bubble of the assembly line style porn that dominated the seventies with mostly Caucasian super models and scripts so artificial, that if one was at first hormonal, the script alone would quickly extinguish such arousals making it even harder for one to not only take our very own clothing off but worse- our lover’s. They really were that bad!

When Homegrown, Ed Powers, and Bogus Brothers came into the porn market, they had the ability to suddenly and almost instantaneously swallow a large sector of the porn market because they figured out that their was a large part of porn consumers who really got off seeing how the neighbors did it. The old movies filled with fake breasts, perfect figures, and ridiculous costumes of aliens and genies from outer space had gotten stale and as old and primitive as the technology that itself had been filmed on-VHS.

The problem? Ed is no longer around. I’ve seen A few videos by the Bogus Brothers that are left over from their time but like Homegrown, the quality just is not there. The movies are grainy, the lighting is inadequate and the camera angles are not in line with the viewers point of view. There are few if any interviews, and the thing that upsets me the most, is the lack of variety of cultures. The world is not all white. We live in a place that offers a wide variety of lifestyles and traditions that add to the quality, adventure and excitement of the experience of watching porn. Anything short of this is “vanilla” (blagh!)

Enter; James nails it! He is the newest wonder boy of porn. takes you into the room with a mature woman who is not only beautiful, but often has very little experience and finds herself doing some catch up as a result of discovering she is middle aged. There is no acting, no supper models, and no script to follow. Just the ancient human act of love making with no other ingredient but lust. Middle age women as they are. They come into the hotel room for an interview with James to help break the ice (often, they are first timers making a movie among many other things) and then it is time to unleash their lust and desires. They do with James what their husbands and boyfriends failed to do in both marriages and commitments. And it is “mano a mano” in the hotel room. Best of all, in high definition!

First time movie making, first time facial, first time “titty fucking,” first time anal, first time swallow etc. all mostly at middle age and beyond in HD and digital sound quality. What more can one ask for. The only thing missing in is the smell of it all. This takes porn to a whole different level.’s movies are currently ranging at the highest bar setting any porn site on today’s current market could possible be sitting at.

petacon goes way way beyond my expectations of a porn site. One truly goes into the room with James to experience these exotic beautiful women in the most natural of settings-the hotel room.

MomPov_update134Tonight’s update of ****** was definitely one of my favorite top 5 on your site. Just when I think you out done yourself you keep on exceeding my expectations. ****** is one of those ladies. Beautiful curvy body just at the right spots. Fiery red hair with green eyes and such an amazing natural set of tits. I love love love the ladies that stay natural. So glad that ****** stayed that way, not that she needed any help in that department lol Her blowjob skills is by far one of the best. Definitely the sloppiest but still so so hot, no need for lube! Love that she can take it all the way no problem. When she came it was prob one of the hottest thing I’ve seen. I love seeing their reactions and ****** looked hot doing so. Only wished that there was more lol Her performance was amazing and her looks matches her skills evenly. I wouldn’t have thought she was even close to 52, more like lower 40’s at the most but damn she looks great for her age. I would definitely recommend you bring her back for more shoots. While she was getting banged from the back towards the end she was literally begging for you to cum inside of her. One of the hottest thing a women can say in my mind. Next time, make that possible with that creampie.

Oh. My. God. M******* is now your standing masterpiece. Putting this mom in porn is an outstanding contribution to humanity. I only hope this scene gets the recognition it deserves. Watching her big pornstar mommy tits bounce as you plowed her to climax almost made me feint with joy. You are the motherfucking MAN! – Simon

I love your site! You do a great job with the POV. I love these women in the interview should do it for the sex. These women are absolutely fantastic. I love the honesty and integrity of your films. You should consider putting the camera on a solid platform while you fuck them. It would have more to your films. I especially love the Latin women. They are a total turn on. I especially liked the one first with the accent. She was hot and I love the way she used her body. I would especially like a double penetration on her. Another nice ass fuck would be nice on her too. I like the second Hispanic woman. Her tits were great. Keep up the good work. You have a great site.

Hi James,

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the site. I love pov porn and when you combine that with some of the most authentic milfs, you’ve got the best site online. I can admit that this is the first time that I subscribe to a site for longer than a month, because I can’t wait to see who’s next! The great HD quality is a huge bonus, on an already great site. The only downside is that I would like to see more diversity, meaning more Hispanic and African-american. I know that’s hard to deliver, and even if you don’t, I’ll still be as loyal to the site as I’ve been for the past 4 months.

to Amber: Please do more scenes for the site, you’re not only James’s favourite milf 😉

You’re living the dream, keep up the “hard” work!

Your jealous fan,

Just wanted to say, this is the best porn I probably have ever seen. It’s so good because it’s so real. Like the update with T*****. You could definitely tell you were getting frustated with how weird she was acting, but that’s what made that scene so awesome! I am glad to pay for this type of porn. Thanks man.

Hi James, Thanks for coming up with a great website and having some fantastic milfs on it too. You’ve managed to find some beautiful and enthusiastic models to work with. I really like the candid chats you have with them at the start of each scene. I’ve always been a big fan of POV porn and you’ve managed to come up with a great and different take on milf porn. Thanks again. Dom

Dude, you gotta check out MomPov! It’s the best amateur POV featuring alot of authentic super hot cougars. Sick of those so-called MILF sites (…) featuring the same cougars again and again until you get bored? Or have you ever give them suggestions and they never listen to you? Or that the cougars themselves actually aren’t authentic, just 20 to 30somethings?Look no further! MomPov is better because the site features amateur sexy cougars you won’t find on most sites! Why? James, the guy behind MomPov actually goes out cougar hunting and get them to do videos with him. Oh yeah, he totally appreciates all of your feedback. MomPov actually takes your suggestions and delivers every time! Don’t believe me? I’m a titty fuck enthusiast who got really fed up with other sites not taking my suggestions to do more titty fucking. When I came across MomPov and noticed that there are considerable amount of good titty fucking, I immediately contacted James and told him he should do more of that. Guess what? He delivered, in ways more than one! Any fetish you have, he will make sure to do it in future updates, guaranteed! So, sign up, watch the videos, send any suggestions and see your dreams come true!